"Monday" - Daily wordplay

Monday mind, what a melancholy muddled mess.
More mischievous than Machiavellian, lacking meat & must.

Mobilize & muster, the masters are calling.
To many, too many money meetings mean material.


Mind yourself, this massive muttering mosaic moreover means madness, massless memories.  

Morning mitigation in mugs of mahogany finally brings mollification.
The mastery of minuscule minutes & minute moments add much needed momentum to my internal metronome.

Marry, meld and mix, not a morsel of confectionery medicine,
rather the misshapen mountain, mooring myself & my mattress.

At least…
Until the morrow. 

Quebec Elections & The Charter of Values - Thoughts

Musings from the mind of a secular humanist who believes that religion is evil but recognizes that freedom of speech and rights of expression are far more important than his personal ideals; proposes that the only way to rid humanity of the cancer that is religion, is to empower men and women with knowledge, understanding and empathy.

As we get closer and closer to April 7th and political headlines run rampant, it seems more and more obvious that the charter of values, if not a political ploy, as some suggest, to ignite a referendum, is nothing more than a tool for white French Christians to impose their values on others, whether they be Muslim, Jew, Buddhist or one of a thousand different beliefs that Canadians hold dear. Why are some so afraid of Muslim women wearing hijabs or Jewish men wearing a kippah in the workplace? How will this affect the service you may receive while renewing your license at the SAAQ or getting your yearly checkup at one of Quebec’s over-crowded walk-in clinics?

Understandably there are extremes, as there always is, has been and will be. Extremes are why we have no shoes, no shirt, no service signs. A lack of common sense seems to be part of the human condition which we tolerate with pride. Being tolerant is what makes Canada so great, and it is clear that the current Quebec government has forgotten what the word “tolerance” means. While this may be a rather glib interpretation of the current situation I believe the simplification does hold merit. Yes, I would appreciate that my doctor not wear a Burqa, not based on fear or prejudice but because I do not feel like she could properly do her job. Such an ostentatious display, in my opinion, would be no different than my doctor being naked, or wearing an astronaut suit, each would be in its own way a distraction and limit the abilities and the quality of service being offered. Can’t something so simple be handled with mere common sense?

There are those who fear and argue that religious groups may try and impose their system of laws, or try and change our constitution, so that they may practice their draconian beliefs. We are haunted by the images and stories of deaths due to honour killings at home, and abroad. Just as with our current political situation, we become saturated by the media and therefore become cynical. Cynicism brings out the worst in people. It gives the crackpots on the fringe, whether the right or the left, the opportunity to speak where usually they would be forced to the sidelines. We don’t want women being stoned in downtown Montreal for dishonoring her father or husband they say. While I obviously agree Sharia or Halakha laws have no place in our society overall, one can argue they are part of the foundation from which our current system of laws evolved, yes they are archaic and in some ways backwards, just as our distant ancestors were. Let us not forget that belief and practice are very different things. You may believe in Sharia law, but you must abide by our laws to live and work in our Society. I do not feel the answer is to oppress all those who fall, however remotely, into the category of Muslim, Jew, and all others, just because some of their congregation fall into the fringe of that belief system.

What we do need is harsher penalties for those who commit religiously fueled crimes, and this would be applicable whether you’re a 3rd generation Canadian or newly immigrated. If you cause harm, or worse, kill a person based on religious dogma, you should be punished to the full extent of the Law. Examples need to be made of those who feel they can be a part of our society, reap the benefits of what our ancestors struggled through and many times died for, but not follow our current social structure and system of secular laws because they conflict with what they believe.

There are also those who claim to fear for the children, how very honourable of them to worry and wonder what horrors those veiled women are teaching our little ones while they learn and develop in our government subsidized daycares. These questions, while seemingly important, are only skin deep. Such superficial angst is not based on genuine concern but the obvious by-product of apathy and lethargy. Why teach our children to be open and understanding, to question and explore, and to experience the world for what it really is, because we as parents are too lazy to instill proper values in those who will one day run this country? The Sesame Street crew would be so disappointed in us.

With Election Day just around the corner, by late Monday we will know the direction that the people of Quebec want this province to take. Do we hold ourselves to a higher standard, one of tolerance and acceptance for which this country was built and one which we all, as Canadians, can be proud of? Or do we slip deeper into a pit of bigotry and oppression? Letting our inane fears of what might be hiding in the shadows dictate how we form and govern the future of this beautiful and wonderful country.